To a stranger that I’d call friend

Crazy to think how the entire world came to a screeching halt, huh? And to think this all happened right around the time I was going to take my workouts seriously, guess this is a sign I should just let myself go and embrace the dad bod. I know you said that it’d suit me but I’m already short and adding round to that would literally make me look like a vegetable. Maybe that’s why you want to see me like that, it would be pretty funny. Man, look at me, even during a time of genuine crisis all I’m worried about is how I look. You really should be here to tell me to shut the fuck up or something. Don’t, though, it’s safer when we’re apart.

I wonder when we’re going to be able to see each other again, I miss hanging out with you. It’s all so different now, you wouldn’t believe it. Well, you would believe it ’cause you’re living through it too but I know you, you’d still be just as shocked when I’d inevitably tell you something you already know. You’re a good friend like that, and that’s nice to have. Never fully allowing me to feel embarrassed. Gotta admit though, this doesn’t apply well when I talk to other people that aren’t you. Turns out everyone isn’t as considerate to my emotional security. You’ve spoiled me, how am I supposed to live without that now?

I decided to go out last night, crazy I know, what was even thinking. Funny thing about that, I left my soda in the park that I wasn’t supposed to be at, so now there’s evidence. I didn’t even realized I left it there till I was already parked in front of my apartment. If you’re imagining me slamming my head against the steering wheel of my car while I decide if it’s worth it to go back, then yeah that’s a pretty good guess you know me so well! But that’s not why I’m bringing all this up, I’m bringing this up so I can show you the photos that I took! Look at them, well specifically this one photo:



I bet you can already tell why I like this one so much. You’d probably say something like “Oh this is one of those ordinary but not so ordinary photos isn’t it?” even though you don’t know the technical jargon. And you would be 100% correct! This is one of those photos! And then I’d get to excitedly tell you what makes it so special and sure, maybe you wouldn’t get it but you’d be happy to see something that makes me so happy. And isn’t that what being friends is all about?

Maybe when this is all over we can visit this little bench together, have a picnic, and enjoy the nice weather. Can’t wait to go back to those days.

Until next time, I miss you.

P.S.: She didn’t text me back. She doesn’t even have an excuse! Everyone has to be home! What the heck.